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About us


is a Ghanaian pharmaceutical company. Incorporated on May 8, 2008, it focuses on manufacturing, importing, and exporting pharmaceutical products. The company operates as a private limited liability company and holds registration number CA-45,356. Its mission is to produce high-quality pharmaceutical drugs at affordable prices. With over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, KAFNAM offers a range of drugs.

Such as


Pain relievers





Multivitamins with minerals

Apetizers with multivitamins and minerals Antihistamins

We supply wholesale pharmacies. community pharmacies, hospitals, maternity homes and over the counter medicine shops across the nation and beyond

KAFNAM believes that the greatest resource that a company has is its personnel. In view of this, the company provide training in order to overcome any inherent weaknesses, nonetheless building upon existing strengths. All personnel involved with materials and products are given GMP training. This training is commenced upon recruitment and continues throughout employment. The training is designed to meet their needs and position within the company and include training in hygiene standards. Personnel policies are also designed to encourage people to support the development and maintenance of high-quality standards in all work performed. Records of these training are also maintained.

Kafnam Company Limited

Our Work

We Specialize In The Manufacture Of Oral Liquids For Distribution.